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While our soldiers, sailors and airmen put themselves in harm's way around the world, would-be heroes seek recognition and reward for services they did not provide. Who better to introduce the disturbing reality of fake military heroes than former Navy SEAL, Steve Robinson?
Steve's research reveals that fewer than one in 300 men who are claiming SEAL status, are truthful. In straight forward language, Steve presents examples of documented fakes, history of the SEAL teams, and tips on how to spot military phonies. Impersonating or falsely representing service in our armed forces can be a Federal Offense, and conviction can include both lengthy jail time and hefty fines.
Help preserve the respect for true American military personnel and the honor they have earned through comittment and personal sacrifice. Order No Guts, No Glory by Steve Robinson, today.

Remembering Those Who Died
and Troops Deployed
Since the birth of our nation
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