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What I Did
I created the website and printed business cards. I made posters and hung them along with ziploc bags containing Business Cards at the gates of tennis courts in nearby towns to get things started - IT WORKED!  I laminated the posters and cards to help weather-proof them. It was a lot of fun and I met some great people in the process. When I met new people on the courts, I introduced myself and handed them cards in person. This helped to direct local traffic to the website. I added TennisBuddy pages for anyone that contacted me. The pages contained names, phone numbers, email addresses and skill level for each player that asked to be added to the list for their town. After several years those pages became obsolete because members did not forward updated contact information. But it worked and helped me get into more tennis than I could handle. Today, I am delighted to be involved in several tennis venues.

If you want to get more tennis in your town consider the following...

What to Do

Create a card like the one above
If you don't have a website use your phone number or email
Print copies (B&W resists fading from sunlight best)
Hang the cards at the gates of your favorite courts
Wait for contacts to trickle in - Voila!!!

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